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Be Hippy With A Touch Of Turquoise

Be Hippy! As I was strolling through a street fair on Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado, recently on a Saturday afternoon, I saw that saying on t-shirts and tanks hanging in one of the booths.


Drawn to it I started chatting it up with Bart and Leigh – pretty easy for that to happen since they’re originally from Tennessee and I’m from South Carolina. Southerners are known for polite conversation you know! From that conversation I learned that “Be Hippy” is a lifestyle brand for them since they have a passion for music, the outdoors, traveling, fashion, and meeting new people. Yes, I’m a big fan of that kind of lifestyle!

I instantly became a fan and bought the blue tank, which I love. Following them on Instagram @peacelovebehippy I saw a turquoise bracelet I had to have.


Being the turquoise fan that I am, the bracelet is perfect – simple, classic, and yes a little hippy with the touch of brown leather. The color turquoise is said to help open the lines of communication between the heart and spoken word. It is perceived as a friendly and happy color. Turquoise is a blend of blue, yellow and green and pulls properties from each. It radiates the peace, calm and tranquility of blue with the balance and growth of green yet has the uplifting energy of yellow.

I got the bracelet in the mail today and it’s my new fav. Definitely will be a regular in my bag and on my wrist as I travel so I can share the message of the lifestyle brand “Be Hippy.”

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