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When You Want Pie in Greater Zion – Go to Veyo Pies!

After an afternoon exploring Snow Canyon State Park, my friend Lisa and I ventured a few more miles up the road to Veyo Pies.  It’s less than ten minutes from Snow Canyon’s north entrance and totally worth the extra drive.  Locals to cycling and hiking tourists are big fans of these homemade treats.

We were hungry since we had hiked and explored through lunch.  I immediately went for the mountain berry pie.  Lisa decided to try the Sour Cream Lemon. The guy behind the counter said we had to try a slice of the Volcano, their signature pie. He even offered to pay for a slice out of his own pocket. We agreed we’d have a slice, but not to let him pay for him. Good thing we had only had hiking snacks with three slices of pie!

The mountain berry was my favorite. It’s filled with blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. It reminded me of pies my grandmother used to make. The Sour Cream Lemon is a lemon pie filled with a sweetened sour cream topping. It has a milder flavor than regular lemon pie and isn’t as tart.

The Volcano is rich and yummy. We saved some of it for later. It’s their “famous graham cracker crust” topped with sweet cream cheese, butterscotch, chocolate and whipped cream topping. It’s an eruption of sinful goodness.

If you’re heading to St. George in Greater Zion Utah, and, especially if you’re staying at Red Mountain Resort or exploring Snow Canyon State Park, drive the extra few miles. The pies are worth it! If you happened to be there on a Friday, you can pick up some homemade fresh salsa too.

Author Jennifer Broome found some lesser known gems while in Greater Zion.  Check out her blog How to Spend 3 Days in Greater Zion Utah for more places to go while visiting Zion National Park and Southwest Utah.

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