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Red Mountain Resort – The Ultimate Adventure and Wellness Resort in Greater Zion Utah

You’re heading to Zion National Park and going to spend a few days exploring other parts of the Greater Zion region in southwestern Utah and want to combine adventure and wellness. Where do you stay? Red Mountain Resort should be high on your list, especially if you’re exploring the lava flow and rugged sandstone cliffs of Sand Canyon State Park. Red Mountain Resort is less than a quarter of a lime from the south entrance to the ultra scenic state park. You can also easily day trip to Zion National Park and even Bryce Canyon National Park.

My friend Lisa and I stayed two nights at Red Mountain Resort. We arrived after spending an afternoon exploring Sand Canyon National Park. In any other state Sand Canyon would probably be a national park. Utah already has five national parks and several national monuments and other national park sites. The view from Red Mountain Resort’s lobby terrace is one I don’t think I could get tired of admiring.

As we settled into our room overlooking the pool, I was amazed how much space we had in our room, which is important when you’re on a weeklong or longer road trip and have luggage, outdoor gear and coolers in your room. The oversized bathroom was over the top with a shower with a pebble floor to add a little reflexology for your feet while you wash away the grit and grim of adventures in the dusty desert.

Here’s a tour of the room.

Tour of villa room at Red Mountain Resort

Clean and hungry, we opted to order room service from Canyon Counter. The in-room is filled with healthy creations to tempt your tastebuds. I immediately decided on the Red Rock Tacos with spice rub salmon, pico de gallo, cilantro lime cabbage topped with avocado crema and served with sides of charro beans topped with corona cheese and Mexican street corn. Sitting out on our balcony, I devoured all of it as I enjoyed a beautiful desert sunset.

The next morning, the lobby terrace provided the perfect backdrop for some live and taped television segments I did sharing my tips for visiting national parks and avoiding crowds. One of those tips is take your turn in the park, then explore the region like I was doing in Greater Zion.

That day I did something I very rarely do. I never left the resort. We spent the whole day enjoying Red Mountain Resort starting with a short hike on property followed by an inward journey walking an incredible spiral labyrinth with a view. The labyrinth is made with local river stones. I always find time in the desert to be healing for the soul. Perhaps it’s the desert aura heightening your senses to the earth, wind and sun. Lisa and I went on our own journeys circling inward and back out in the labyrinth. As I walked the spiral inward I reflected on three days exploring the glorious Greater Zion region. Circling out I let the universe know my strong desire to return to Red Mountain Resort for a wellness getaway.

Here’s my TikTok I did on the labyrinth.


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♬ Wonder – Shawn Mendes


Craving a veggie burger we headed over to Canyon Breeze, the on-resort restaurant. Then enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the resort. I crashed out with a long afternoon nap while Lisa enjoyed some pool time. Late afternoon we took a MELT class, one of the resort’s many wellness offerings. Melting into my mat with some healing and relaxing moves was bliss. I loved it so much I bought one of the soft foam rollers we used for the class.

That evening we decided on room service again. We split the antioxidant salad with spinach, kale, baby lettuce, beets, blueberries, goat cheese, tamari roasted walnuts lightly topped with turmeric poppy chia seed dressing. I almost ordered the tacos again but decided on the vegetarian pasta bolognese. We splurged and split the warm seasonal berry crisp for dessert. I must have still been in LaLaLand from the MELT class because I took no pictures of my wonderful room service meal I enjoyed with another beautiful dusty desert sunset.

The next morning I did a few more television segments with an epic backdrop. As we hit the road to start drive back toward Denver, Lisa and I left wishing for more time at Red Mountain Resort.

Author Jennifer Broome has extensively explore southern Utah. Check out blogs How to Spend an afternoon at Snow Canyon State Park and How to Spend 3 Days in Greater Zion for more ideas of what to do in southwestern Utah.